Thursday, November 03, 2016

A vote of NO for the Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township consolidation should be the only way you vote.

When your county commissioners spend their efforts chasing jobs away, us taxpayers need not soak up the shortfall in increased taxes.

“The county commissioners deserve a lot of credit and they can take some pride in the fact that the permit was denied and the appeal was withdrawn,” Kesner said.

This is quote from an article in The Progress May 25, 2016   PA Waste denied.
You can read entire article PA Waste withdraws permit for proposed Boggs Township landfill                          
And they should take lots of credit and be proud of themselves for chasing away desperately needed jobs from this area. Not only the landfill, but hundreds of good paying jobs in the gas industry, a military training facility, canning plant, and loss of jobs in the coal industry. All of these lost jobs alone would generate tax revenues well in excess to keep all municipalities fully funded. No need for consolidation.

How many times are you going to be snookered???? 

Was are property taxes not to cut in half by allowing riverboat gambling? Yes. Were your taxes cut? No.

Was are property taxes to be cut with the recent school referendum act? Yes. Were your taxes cut? No.

In both cases I know I pay even more than I did before these 2 so called tax cuts.
This borough township consolidation will be no different. Promises of tax cuts initially then as above when everyone gets suckered into believing their taxes will be cut - sorry folks we need to raise your taxes because of this or that.

Don't be fooled  for a third time. Vote No to consolidation. Send a message to everyone you want efforts put into bringing jobs into the area not chasing them away.  A military training facility alone that was creativity chased away by building a school would of injected millions and millions into our communities. Now that's something else to be proud of.

Again here is a link to this consolidation webpage


At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Becky Lynn said...

Yes I agree it seems our elected officials and others only have their interests at hand.

At 2:30 AM, Anonymous rick corco said...

And how many millions spent on a riverwalk? for what??


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